About Heboplant

Since 1992 specialised in the import/export of palms


Heboplant B.V. is a company specialised in the import of tropical plants, which are acclimatised in the nursery garden. The company was founded in 1992 by Henk Boekestijn, hence the name Heboplant. The building included approx. 7,000 m2 at the time, 2 docks and was located at the Burgerdijkseweg in De Lier. Piet Doorduin took over the business in 2006 and a larger company building was bought in Maasdijk at the Oranjepolderweg 51. The company employs a small close-knit team and is supplemented with temporary workers in the high season.

Tropical plans are imported out of various countries for many years now including: Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico and Taiwan. We make a good selection when it comes to growers and products to be able to meet the demand in the Netherlands and its surrounding areas. The plants find their way to the consumer through exporters, wholesalers and garden centres.


Heboplant attached great value to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We are therefore also MPS certified.

The MPS-ABC certificate is also called the environmental certificate, because it works as a yardstick to show to what extent the business operation is environmentally friendly. This guarantees environmental performance and decreases environmental taxation. The certificate comes in three different levels, i.e. MPS-A, MPS-B and MPS-C. We possess MPS-A; the highest level. This means that our consumption when it comes to fertilisers, energy and cultivation protection agents and the method of handling waste is very low.

The certification scheme of MPS-GAP has been officially benchmarked with the well-known GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate of supermarket organisations in Europe. This formulates requirements for production, in the areas of safety, sustainability and traceability. To meet the requirements of the MPS-GAP certificate, it is necessary to monitor how much cultivation protection agents are used every day, when equipment is getting maintenance services and in what way the cultivation is handled.