Hebo International

Exporter of (flowering) potplants

Hebo International

Hebo international B.V. is specialised in the export of potted plants to various countries including: Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Turkey, Tunisia and Iraq. Plants are purchased with Dutch, Belgian and German growers every day. In addition, there is a purchaser at work every day, so that we can deliver a wide range of plants. A small, flexible team takes care of making the orders ready.

HEBO international

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  • 2676 CM
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FRank doorduin

Sales info@heboplant.nl 0651707032

Jeroen Doorduin

sales info@heboplant.nl 0622014512

Ecevit Topcu

satis info@heboplant.nl 0651709718

Johan doorduin

administration johan@heboplant.nl 0610984141